If Aliens Built the Pyramids

The Step Pyramid, or the Pyramid of Djoser (2500 BC)

I asked Younes recently if aliens built the pyramids…

….I was then given a lecture on the Egyptians’ “very intentional” progression over time to build what finally, later, came to be the Great Pyramids (2500 BC) everyone recognizes. There are actually many more, and they’re older by a few hundred years, and not nearly as impressive if you’re looking for the majestic temples reaching into the heavens.

The pyramids in these pictures are smaller, in further stages of crumble, and look a little more haphazard, because they were “practice runs.” Who knew? I sure didn’t. The geometric precision of the Pyramids at Giza (they are farther away than where we were today, but we could see them in the distance!) came after the Egyptians finally had their methods down pat (like me finally learning to make biscuits) and you can see the trial and error coming to life if you have a handsome guide pointing out small details.

The Step Pyramid actually looks like a layer cake, but I guess they didn’t like how that one turned out because it’s the only one of its kind. There are also huge blocks of crumbled temple just laying in the sand, discarded like construction trash. I wanted to take one so badly.

To take a tour out into the desert on (Arabian) horses and to see for myself how the pyramids were built (i.e. not by aliens) was a pretty big check off the Bucket List. As for Younes and I being on horses at our age, well…let’s just say we will be napping and taking Advil for the next few days. 

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