Dear Teacher

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Dear Teacher,

I am writing this love letter to a specific handful of very busy men and women I know. Wondering if I mean you? Read on.

You folks that I work alongside, all of you who talked for weeks about the coming end of the school year and how “it will be soooooo nice not to have to get up and ‘do anything’ every day! Oh my GOD!”  

But I see you. You haven’t stopped moving since the last period bell rang two weeks ago. You are still going 100 mph in twenty directions and your summer vacation is already two weeks old. There are only nine weeks left and you are still, technically, working. Why?

♥ The kids need to be driven _______________.

♥ I have all these projects for my house that I never have time to complete.

And my favorite…

♥ I volunteered to ____________________.

Ladies and Gentlemen, that’s not rest. That’s not vacation. THAT’S NOT SUMMER.

There are so few perks to being a teacher anymore. Summer break is one of them, one of the only ones left after a decade of losing planning periods, relinquishing fat departmental budgets and consolidating high quality teaching practices into fast-paced marathons. Yes, summer break is one of the only truly great things we still have left anymore in public education.

Have you taken a long, quiet vacation with your family yet? Have you unplugged, at all? Have you slept in, like, a LOT? Have you eyed that pile of dishes in the sink at least once and said, Nah, I’ll get it. I’ve got PLENTY OF TIME! If you haven’t, please give it a try. You deserve it. Listen to me…YOU DESERVE IT.

In no time at all, we will be back in the trenches. Nine weeks, people, and it starts all over again. Meetings, paperwork, PDPs, data, FSA, EOC, PERT, PERLA, all that TESTING! Stop and think about the rat race that consumes your life for ten months out of the year. And then ask yourself if you are giving yourself the down time you spent all those months hoping…waiting…wishing for.

I am your friend, I am doing this because, quite frankly, you needed to hear it from someone who knows. Now get out there and enjoy your life!

Love, DQ

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About Dawn Quarles

Dawn Quarles is a high school political science and American history teacher who moonlights as a blogger and writer. She lives on Pensacola Beach, Florida.

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2 Responses to “Dear Teacher”

  1. Carrie Ricksecker says:

    So….which day should I come visit? Thanks for the reminder. The only thing I haven’t done is ….go to the beach!

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