Navy Wife Shoots Photos of 30 year Navy Veteran Who Has a New Book Coming Out

Photo by Heather Johnson Photography @hnj_photos

Witness to the American Century (formerly titled “Where Do We Get Such Men?” and also formerly titled “Accidental Odyssey”) is the name of the jaw-dropping new book I was blessed to co-author with my heroic stepfather, Capt. Allen Brady. Read more

The Wordsmith

(noun) word·smith \ˈwərd-ˌsmith\
Definition: a person who works with words; a skillful writer

Alternative (my) definition: a person who seeks out and will not settle for anything less than the *perfect* word

When we grow up with siblings, we learn the unfortunate necessity of doing equally for every child. No one should get more ice cream or better Christmas presents, more extravagant birthday parties or nicer clothes, certainly not fancier sporting equipment or techier technology than her brothers or sisters, and uneven distribution of anything can turn a home into a house of utter mayhem. I remember the burden placed on my parents in having two girls a mere fifteen months apart. Everything was a metaphorical scorecard and no kindness for that other child ever went unnoticed or untallied. Read more

What’s Coming Up?

When a writer like myself finally finds her groove, the projects pile up in my imagination like a week’s worth of laundry!


I can’t wait for you to get your hands on my next book. I am honored to be collaborating with a true American hero as he and I march through the last one hundred years of American history as we tell the story of his extraordinary life. He is a bona fide Forrest Gump. Capt. Allen Brady painstakingly detailed his experiences on a  series of legal pads and he and I have worked together tirelessly to bring those handwritten notes to life. You will be inspired, you will be humbled and you will be amazed and honored to know that there are still some Great Men in the world. “Where Do We Get Such Men” by Capt. Allen C. Brady (USN-R) is slated to be finished by Summer 2017! Read more

Towanda! My Favorite Female Authors

Photo Credit: Instagram @samanthagrander.

Southern women writing about the Southern things that all Southerners understand. Southern characters who bring memories and scents and nostalgia flooding to the surface of our recollections. What more can a person hope for, being a reader, than to be taken somewhere we’ve been before, a place we know and remember fondly? To return to a time and place when something so wonderful happened, with people we don’t think about nearly enough…well, that’s what makes a really good book.

I am partial to Southern female writers, but the authors I admire come from all over, and I am a better writer myself having read about places in America that I’m not familiar with. When I reflect on the kinds of books I love the most and the writers I most admire, I have worked it out quite simply… Read more