The Trenches

Because he couldn’t open ALL the bags of popcorn in the store. PC: Instagram @kirstmccall

There was this one time many years ago, I was unloading groceries from the car, plastic bags dangling from both arms as I tried to backwards-kick the passenger side door shut. My toddler sprawled out in front of me right there in the grass, draped across my feet, and began to wail because he couldn’t have a popsicle out of the grocery bag at that precise moment. I took my dominant leg and scooped him up with it like an excavator at a demolition site, moved him expertly to the side and dumped him right back in the grass where he kept on wailing. I glided past him and into the house, catching the eye of my judgmental neighborlady in the process, who I’m sure thought she was sure she just saw me kick my kid. Read more

The Boys of Summer

All photos by Tina Lovett Photography, 2014.

I attended a photo shoot last night, one that lasted well into the evening and had me exhausted, wet, and windblown, like I’d spent my whole day deep-sea snapper fishing. Before I even had my first cup of coffee this morning, the photographer had uploaded the pictures and posted them on Facebook for me and everybody else in our small town to scour through. Smiling to myself and fighting back tears, I dissected every photograph and matched it with each of the dozens of mind-snapshots I still remembered so clearly from the hours we all spent together the night before.

Yes, we now live in a world of mass shared experiences, almost to the point of being voyeuristic. And you know, sometimes I think social media allows us to share too many of each other’s experiences, to be quite honest. Through Facebook and Instagram you can see how strangers spent their weekends, and where coworkers went on vacation. Sometimes I even get to attend a wedding I wasn’t even invited to. But so much is lost when that happens. So much of the stories behind those images, recollections lost for the people who are only peering from the computer. They will never know what really happened, what beautiful memories were made as those clicks rang out from the camera capturing them. What most people take away from other people’s pictures is so sadly…incomplete. Read more

Insist on the Butterflies

PC: D. Quarles Instagram @the_ben_fisher @molly_goodson

Ever wonder why romance is dead? Why men and women don’t court each other and make themselves wait for intimacy anymore?

Sex is everywhere. People are talking about it all around me, in every direction I look, and somebody always seems to be doing it on way too many of the 200 channels we have in our cable catalog. Fifty Shades of Grey opened to mass audiences this Valentine’s Day weekend and The Bachelor scandals have been blowing up my Twitter feed for the last week. We can’t seem to get away from all of these people getting it on.

Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t like watching other people engage with each other intimately, and I certainly don’t enjoy hearing folks replay their exploits in conversations on national television. Read more