Celebrating the First Year Anniversary of “Aprils and Decembers”

Happy One Year Anniversary to my little book 💍

It took 6 years to write.
And 2 years to edit.

I waited 3 months for it to be picked up by a little Texas publisher…one who made me a real-life published author on December (of course!) 10th, 2015, which in itself was a huge, painful anniversary. Then in a moment, everything changed.

What came next gave me just slightly more than 15 minutes of fame, but what I hope will be a lifetime of literary circulation. Books, after all, are forever.

This book has given me more strength and self esteem than any other one thing I’ve ever done for myself.

And it continues to make me a bit of money. Imagine that.

Who woulda thought….

…that my little story about bring-you-to-your-knees pain, and intimate love, and beautiful sons, and confident daughters, and true beauty, and unavoidable ugliness, and crippling weakness, and then soaring strength would turn into a story that so many people told me was just like reading their own.

Ben hasn’t read it. Won’t. He doesn’t read books. Sadly. And he definitely gets that from his dad. But maybe one day he will think it’s awesome….rather than just ‘kinda cool”…

…that his mom published a little book about her life called Aprils and Decembers, and dedicated it to him. Anyway.




Goodreads Giveaway: Get a Signed Copy of “Aprils and Decembers”

As the one year anniversary of the publication of Aprils and Decembers approaches, I am hosting my very first Giveaway! How exciting!

It’s weird…Goodreads has been around forever and I’ve popped in and out over the years, but I am just now *really* getting into it. (I probably should listen to my reading friends more often.)

If you’re a reader too and haven’t given your Goodreads a lot of attention lately, get back in there. It’s absolutely my new favorite thing. There are SO many great people who (like me) love chatting about a good book, and the recommendations! Oh my goodness, I can’t keep up.

Go there! Enter the Giveaway! Follow my Author Page! Find a great new book!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Aprils and Decembers by Dawn Quarles

Aprils and Decembers

by Dawn Quarles

Giveaway ends December 06, 2016.

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