Navy Wife Shoots Photos of 30 year Navy Veteran Who Has a New Book Coming Out

Photo by Heather Johnson Photography @hnj_photos

Witness to the American Century (formerly titled “Where Do We Get Such Men?” and also formerly titled “Accidental Odyssey”) is the name of the jaw-dropping new book I was blessed to co-author with my heroic stepfather, Capt. Allen Brady.

As he and I prepare for its publication, I needed to enlist the help of a really special photographer, someone with a different eye, one I hoped would capture the expanse of this man’s life, his relevance to nearly every single event in modern American history, and the pure presence he possesses just being near him …you know, the kind of picture you see and you go wow, that guy’s the real deal.

I assure you, he is.

Thank you Heather, you nailed it!


Please visit Heather’s blog here for more details about the photographer, this very special photo shoot and her thoughts on two pretty terrific Navy men:

Witness to the American Century Photo Shoot, 2017

Photo by: Heather Johnson Photography, 2017

Website:  Heather Johnson Photography

Visit her on Instagram @hnj_photos and Facebook


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