(c) Tina Lovett Photography 2015

(c) Tina Lovett Photography 2015

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April and Decembers by Dawn Quarles

Aprils and Decembers, A Memoir

Dawn Quarles’ memoir revisits the events and circumstances that, from her own childhood and beyond, shaped her deeply complicated, often heartbreaking and magically uplifting journey through the toughest stages of every woman’s life.

An Excerpt from her memoir, Aprils and Decembers…

         By Thursday of that awful week, there was so much demanding my attention.  I am still shocked and sickened at the things a grieving person is expected to step up and handle in the days following a catastrophic loss.  Banking and employment contacts, ordering death certificates, arranging the identification of the body, making arrangements for the house to be cleaned up and receiving autopsy results.  This was just a smattering of the things I juggled.  There would be months of this type of thing although admittedly, keeping busy with these mundane activities kept my mind off the event planning taking place around Troy’s memorial.  I was left totally out of that.   I got wind of it when Kelli reemerged from obscurity, after we hadn’t seen her in years.  Yet since her father’s death, poof! she was there…making arrangements and putting on a big display of grief.  She passed by my parents’ house one afternoon and asked for family pictures for a slideshow she was putting together and I immediately felt a suspicious burn in my gut.