• April and Decembers by Dawn Quarles
  • Aprils and Decembers

    To raise a child alone is the only way to understand how incredibly difficult that job is. What is a mother to do when in building a life for what was supposed to her perfect family, she gets it all wrong…when the path to happiness she hoped for and wanted for her child spins tragically off course?

    Dawn Quarles is that mother, and her memoir revisits the events and circumstances that, from her own childhood and beyond, shaped her deeply complicated, often heartbreaking and magically uplifting journey through the toughest stages of every woman’s life.

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American For Sale

Emilio after his naturalization was final. PC: Andrew Payne As my time teaching and living with teenagers draws closer to an end, I am finding it hard to keep my excitement contained. Teenagers are exhausting... [Read more]

House Hospice

Hurricane Irma, September 2017. PC: ABC News My house is a rental. I haven’t lived here very long, just a little over four months, and there are zero sentimentalities about this place in my catalogue... [Read more]

Murphy’s Leash Law

Happy dog A lady in a bathing suit and a coverup trudged through the hot sand and brought him two huge plates of food. The first one had a mountain of steamed shrimp, fried snapper, mac-n-cheese, hushpuppies... [Read more]

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