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    On almost every conceivable topic one could find, from issues being discussed with fervor on the news, with disgust in the workplace or over dinner and cocktails with friends, I’ve probably had something to say about it, too.

    From death-with-dignity issues to police brutality to my constant obsession over getting older and fatter in my forties, there is no topic too scandalous or too delicate about which to form a thoughtful opinion.

    Plus, I’ve written a book or two I’d love for you check out. Simply put, I am super glad you’re here visiting with me. XO


All Lives Matter

by John Wesley I have taken up the street animal cause here in Cairo, as you may know. (It has become a part-time job, really, since working from home.) I am in all the Facebook groups, and I’m in... [Read more]

If Aliens Built the Pyramids

The Step Pyramid, or the Pyramid of Djoser (2500 BC) I asked Younes recently if aliens built the pyramids… ….I was then given a lecture on the Egyptians’ “very intentional”... [Read more]

i am with you

❤️  Hey. The whole world is watching you, America. This stuff in the news…it’s what I find myself discussing with every Egyptian, French, Mexican, Turkish, Emirati, and Lebanese... [Read more]

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